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    The A&P ProfessorTips, tricks, content updates, resources, reviews, and gratuitous silliness for teachers of human anatomy and physiology.
    The A&P StudentTips for making the learning of anatomy and physiology faster, more efficient, and way more fun!
    Lion Tamers Guide to TeachingAll I need to know about teaching I learned as a lion tamer.
    Anatomy & PhysiologyAuthor's notes and tips for teaching with PATTON Anatomy & Physiology text
    Structure & Function of the BodyAuthor's notes, insights, tips for teaching with PATTON Structure & Function of the Body
    The Human Body in Health & DiseaseThe Human Body in Health & Disease
    Lion DenUpdates, news, and random information about Lion Den (the website)
    o-log-yTips and trivia regarding the language of human science and medicine.

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